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Which js preview docx files - check signature

Question asked by antoarva on Feb 11, 2016
I have load docx, pdf files in alfresco. Both of them have digital signatures. After searching the forum l found that alfresco in order to show digital signatures in preview must certify the signature. If you want simply show the signature you should comment the following lines. This works for the pdf documents. I want the same thing for the docx files. The alfresco shows the docx document in preview without the signature. In which js file can l find the signature cheking like the following ?

For pdf files you should modify the above lines in pdf.worker.js file :

  var parent = Annotation.prototype;
  Util.inherit(WidgetAnnotation, Annotation, {
    isViewable: function WidgetAnnotation_isViewable() {
      /*if ( === 'Sig') {
        warn('unimplemented annotation type: Widget signature');
        return false;