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Alfresco 4.x Forms Development

Question asked by subhajitsen on Feb 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by subhajitsen
I want to create web forms using Alfresco 4.x forms service. I am new in Alfresco. Could you please share me simple step by step guide for creating sample form. I went though the wiki. Tried to apply fdk amp and put the fdk jar in tomcat shared or in webapps share. The Alfresco 4.0 Share did not start after restart doing the steps mentions in form service wiki. Following I tried:

Following are the steps I followed to install 4.x FDK in my Alfresco Community 4.0 server.
1> My server is running
2> I put the alfresco-fdk.amp in my installation amps folder(D:\Alfresco\amps).
3> run the apply_amps bat file
4> After  creating the shared folder in my installation ( D:\Alfresco\tomcat\shared),  I put the alfresco-fdk.jar in it.
5> I restarted the server.
6> There are errors in the log file, at the time of start up and Alfresco did not start.
7> I also tried by put the alfresco-fdk.jar in my installation D:\Alfresco\tomcat\webapps\share\WEB-INF\lib folder on a fresh installation by following the above steps. Then also after restart Alfresco did not start.
8> I also followed the following forum