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Question asked by marco.altieri on Feb 12, 2016
In the current content model of Alfresco, associations do not have attributes.

They have a type that is configured in the content model (practically the name of the association) but nothing more.

In many use cases, a relation between objects, to be fully defined, needs also additional attributes.

For example, I have a relation between legal entities and I need at least to specify the type of relation: "Subsidiary Of", "Affiliate Of", etc…

I find difficult (probably not impossible) to use the associations to implement this type of relation and I have already implemented it using an aspect with properties to model the attributes of the relation and a property (of type d:text or d:noderef) that holds the link to the target entity.

Because I am thinking to reuse this pattern for other use cases, I am wondering if am loosing something important if I do not use associations.

I have already implemented the UI to create this type of relations and so I do not care if I cannot use the "object finder" to browse the repository and find the target entity (and if necessary I can always integrate the object finder in this pattern).