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User Search within Share not working

Question asked by morrowe on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by aitbenmouh
Recently upgraded to Alfresco-4.2.c.  Everything seems to be working except the search of users within Share, searching with explorer works fine.

I get an error of:

01040122 Wrapped Exception (with status template): 010412211 Failed to execute script 'classpath*:alfresco/templates/webscripts/org/alfresco/repository/person/people.get.js': 010412210 Failed to execute query: Namespace: alfresco.query.people queryName: select_GetPeopleCannedQuery Parameter: Offset: 0 Limit: 251

We're using MariaDB along with Lucene.  If someone could recommend even where to start trying to nail down why this error is occurring it'd be greatly appreciated.