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Strange behaviour after move file from a folder

Question asked by dave984 on Jul 16, 2013
Hi all I use Alfresco 4.2.c on a Linux 64bit machine. To insert files on Alfresco i've mapped \\\alfresco as a network drive in Windows XP.
i've developed a webscript in Java that takes as input the nodeRef of a file, then make an update of a metadata and at the end move the file from the initial folder to another folder. It works great and i'm very satiesfied for this!
But i've a strange behaviour: i have a file named for example "fileA" in the folderA, i execute the webscript so the file is moved to folderB.
If i try to insert through the mapped network another file in the folderA named "fileA" Windows says there is already a file named fileA in that folder so i have to cancel the operation…but in the folder i'm sure there is not such file and also if i go into repository i don't see a fileA in the folder A…
Maybe i've to set something particular?
Here is a snippet of code of the webscript:

newFileName = oldFileName + "_" + new Date().getTime();
fileFolderService.move(docRef, childRef, newFileName);