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versioning files with same name

Question asked by jbeardshouse on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by nandhakumars
I have installed alfresco community edition 4.2c and I followed the wiki and documention listed below to enable autoversioning.  When I upload a file, it gets the versionable aspect, as it should.  And I can use the "upload a new version" functionality to create versions.  However, if I use the generic upload or drag and drop functionality to upload a file with the same name it will not version the file.  Instead it will create a new file with a dash and a number, like "-1". 

It is unclear to me if the "auto versioning" functionality should allow versioning of files with the same name through the generic upload functionality.  Or if it merely adds a versioning aspect to the files uploaded. 

If the auto versioning should version files with the same name, does anyone have any ideas on what it wrong?  (in this case I am not exactly sure what additionaly information may be relavent, so ask if there is something).

Otherwise, how would I go about making the alfresco share act in this way to version files with the same name?

BTW, in the metadata for this post I have set the "alfresco version number" as "other" given there is a "4.2.a" and "4.2.b" but no "4.2.c".