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Alfresco Add-Ons (Para Modules)

Question asked by parashiftaustralia on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by oren
Since our inception, Parashift has designed and built outstanding solutions for our clients delivering an ever richer feature set than what is available out-of-the box. Through our client centric development approach, we have identified themes that our clients want.

Welcome to Para Modules.

A Para Module is a practical add-on enhancement for your Alfresco system. They are an ever growing range of simple to highly sophisticated systems that improve Alfresco’s capabilities. All have been identified through our many client engagements over the years.

The Para Modules are open source and offered just like Alfresco, on a subscription basis, giving users access to supported upgrades and maintenance and Parashift’s GitLab server for sources and updates.

The following modules are currently available:
Document Linking:
Quick Print:
Custom Versioning:
Map Picker:
OnlyOffice Integration:
Document Deduplication:
Site Restrictions:
Periodic Document Review:
ParAn (Parashift Analytics):