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Association-Related Docs in Alfresco

Question asked by on Feb 16, 2016
Hi All

I have created an association in my Alfresco code-

<field id="in:relatedDocuments" label="Docs" set="user">
                  <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/association.ftl">
                  <control-param name="displayMode">items</control-param>
                  <control-param name="showTargetLink">true</control-param>
                  <control-param name="allowNavigationToContentChildren">true</control-param>
                  <control-param name="startLocation">{doclib}</control-param>
But when I am selecting the related document in application it is not showing all the documents of the folder.

For Information I have more than 500 docs in the folder which I want to be available for selection but only some are coming. even though all documents in the folder are of same type.