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Installation problem with postgre

Question asked by kruger on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by kruger
Hi all. I try to install alfresco comunity 4.2c to windows 7 x32(for tests) but I keep getting this error on the last step of installation:
Installation may not complete correctly Error running Alfresco\POSTGR~1\scripts\servicerun.bat NET HELPMSG 3521.
Wich means service is not running.
After this error I can`t login to Alfresco, beco\ause passowrd is wrong or the db is not responding.

So this is a re-install for me. Alfresco worked before, but then a deleted it and now I can`t install it again. I tryed switching ports from 8080, reboot -reinstall, installing postgresql and then start alfresco installer, cleaning registry, deleteing postgres user on unninstall and other stuff to clean the system.
Nothing works.

I bellieve its postgre problem and I need help