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restoring a single “lost” document stored in Alfresco

Question asked by thk on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by thk

our system administrator has strong concerns about introducing Alfresco because currently it is very comfortably for him to identify and restore a single document that a user has "lost" from the windows backup. We have tons of documents, powerpoints, word, pdf etc. And we don´t have the space to keep the files duplicated also on the windows system if we decide to import them all into Alfresco.

Is there in the newer Alfresco Versions 5.0/5.1 any comfortable way to retrieve a single file? Or can I retrieve a file only by restoring the complete backed up data base and searching the internal file name and path in the data base (what implies that I have to know exactly the external file name) and then retrieving this file from the backup?

For our system administrator this seems not very practical compared to restore a file from windows backup.
Are there other risks or security concerns regarding this aspect we had to take into account using Alfresco?

Thanks in advance for reply