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Replacing self-signed certificates with Zentyal-generated certificates

Question asked by dfliddle on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by dfliddle
In order to provide our staff with a consistent experience with each of the servers we run, I'm replacing self-signed certificates with those issued by our Zentyal server, which is acting as the CA. I haven't found entries in either this forum or Zentyal's that deal with this particular topic thoroughly. What I have done so far is to work (unsuccessfully) through the instructions in the following locations, which seem to be similar:

My first question is this: Am I even starting in the right place with the right instructions?

With respect to these instructions, I noticed that there are a few aliases used for the certificates in the keystores, e.g. ssl.repo,, and These aliases are referred to in each of the * files.

My second question is: Does it matter how these aliases are named? That is, are there any important references to them apart from the link between each keystore and its corresponding password properties file?

When the Zentyal Certification Authority is activated and configured, it creates these files:

  • ca-cert.pem
  • ca-public-key.pem
And when it creates a new certificate, it generates these files:

  • Alfresco-cert.pem
  • Alfresco.p12
  • Alfresco-private-key.pem
  • Alfresco-public-key.pem
When working through the instructions above, I have tried to do so both with and without the existing keystores. After failures, I have run the script. Nothing seems broken, and I see no errors in the logs after restarting the server.

My third question is: If I should be using the above instructions, should I create new keystores and then simply replace the old ones?

In the instruction at the Alfresco Wiki link above, I noticed the following:

    if using Tomcat, the values for the above prompts must match those defined in the tomcat-users.xml file for the following entry:
<user username="CN=Alfresco Repository, OU=Unknown, O=Alfresco Software Ltd., L=Maidenhead, ST=UK, C=GB" roles="repository" password="null"/>

My fourth question is: If I am following the instruction correctly, do I understand rightly that I need to modify this line to fit the values in the Zentyal-issued certificate?

Before I report the errors I experience, I would like to know the answers to these questions. It probably doesn't help to copy in error codes if I'm on the wrong track anyway.

My thanks to each of you who take the time to read this, and many more to those who respond.