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Log files taking up a ridiculous amount of space

Question asked by scorpiotiger on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by cesarista
After having the Alfresco server go down due to a lack of disk space, I found a load of Tomcat logs using up gigs of space. I deleted them and we were doing fine, now having had the same issue I'm finding loads of log files in the Alfresco directory. The files are named along the lines of; alfresco.log.2015-11-04, share.log.2015-09-12, solr.log.2015-10-07, webquickstart.log.2016-01-04. Some of the Alfresco logs were over 10gig in size. Given that the entire repository is less than 3, this is ridiculous. What on earth could it possibly log that takes so much space?

Why does Alfresco not clean up after itself. It would seem clear that Alfresco "out of the box" is not even close to production ready when it's ultimately going to bring the server down due to lack of disk space. How do I get Alfresco (and all it's associated components) to do it's housekeeping? I don't expect that we need more than a weeks worth of logs, and we don't need it so verbose that it takes up more space than the entire repository..!