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show node (folder and document) list

Question asked by seif on Feb 23, 2016
I am new with alfresco. I try to develop a dashlet that can show all the diractory nodes. I make a success to show the folders with  this function
onSelectDestinationClick: function ACJC_onSelectDestinationClick(e, p_obj)
         // Set up select destination dialog
         if (!this.widgets.destinationDialog)
            this.widgets.destinationDialog = new Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder( + "-selectDestination");
         var documentLibrary = companyhome.childByNamePath("sites/test/documentLibrary");
            var allowedViewModes =
               Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder.VIEW_MODE_REPOSITORY + documentLibrary.children
               // Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder.VIEW_MODE_SITE,
               // Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder.VIEW_MODE_USERHOME

               allowedViewModes: allowedViewModes,
               siteId: this.options.siteId,
               containerId: this.options.containerId,
               title: this.msg("title.destinationDialog"),
               nodeRef: "alfresco://company/home"
but it dosn't show the documents.
Every help will be gratefull :)