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Forum structure on Share

Question asked by coyoteugly on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by coyoteugly
Hi to all,
I'm intersting on the possibility to implement a Forum structure on Alfresco Share.
Using Share is possible to use a 'Discussion' features applied to the sites, in which you can open single thread which related reply posts. Anyway, is possible to extend structure, grouping the thread in sub-section like a real and complete Forum?
Some like this:

                 ->Custom sub-section 1:
                                        -Thread Alpha1(with posts);
                                        -Thread Beta1(with posts);
                 ->Custom sub-section 2;
                                        -Thread Alpha2(with posts);
                                        -Thread Beta2(with posts);

Alternatively, the structure I'm looking for is something about to open more than discussion related on a single site.

Thanks a lot,