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alfresco 'Business analyst' required--french speaking..

Question asked by susheelchandra on Feb 11, 2013
We have a Contract opportunity for SAP Business Analyst role based at Clermont Ferrand, France.
Please contact if you would like to consider this role.

Role                 : SAP Business Analyst (Multiple roles)
Type                 : Contract
Location           : Clermont Ferrand – France

my contact details are     +44-20 30048186

Job Details :

The role focuses on communicating requirements to project team members verbally and in the form of written business requirements, user interface specifications, printed output specifications and similar documents.
Consults with users to identify current operating procedures and to clarify program objectives.
May write user manuals describing installation and operating procedures.
Works on problems involving complex business requirements and processes.
Must have good working knowledge of a chosen area/function

Skills:  Alfresco Content Model

•   Basic understanding of Alfresco, Tomcat, Spring.
•   Basic understanding of Alfresco deployment and Config.
•   Basic understanding of content managementconcepts. Conversant with XML and RDBMS concepts and ability to create custom content model.

Looking ahead to hear from you.