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Folder security under Share site/doclib lacking ???

Question asked by arnieaustin2 on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by arnieaustin
So, under a Share site, in the Document Library folder, I have a folder called Division Reports.

Within Division Reports, will be subfolders by report type. One type will be Payroll and that folder and its contents can ONLY be viewed by members of a specific group.

Now I have setup multiple groups: ACC_Manager, ACC_Consumer, ACC_Collaborator, ACC_Contributor (just to cover the basics) and added the "ACC Reports-Payroll" group.

Yet when I go to modify the rights of Payroll Reports, the UI is NOT like the UI when one manages the rights at the Repository level, and that is most definitely what I need!

I need to NOT inherit rights on the "Payroll" folder and set the consumers of that folder to the group "ACC Reports-Payroll".

How do I do this?