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iPhone App Uses Private IP

Question asked by carnold on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by carnold
Alfresco 4.2c community on SLEs 11 SP2. iPhone 5 with latest alfresco app. I entered the public ip on the app and can connect to the site. The problem is when i tap documents and then the site -> does connect and reports in red connection failure. Alfresco mobile did not connect to 192.168.123.x. Well of course that will not connect. That is a private ip and i am using the alfresco app on lte. When i connect to the wi-fi, i have no problems accessing the documents. So, how do i tell the mobile app to use public ip and not private ip? Since there is no seen way to do this on the mobile app, i assume this has to be done on the alfresco server on a file. Is this correct and if so, what file?