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Fields not showing in onActionFormDialog window.

Question asked by art99trash on Feb 26, 2016
I am creating a custom action using onActionFormDialog. When I select the action
the dialog window appears but it does not contain any fields. Only
the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons are showing.
If I click OK, it runs the action.
I think there must be something wrong with my configuration.


   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="bulk-deploy">
               <show id="fileName" />
               <show id="cm:name" />
               <show id="cm:description" />
               <field id="fileName" label="fileName:" />
               <field id="cm:name" label="name:" />
               <field id="cm:description" label="description:" />

   <action id="bulk-deploy-files" type="javascript"
      label="Bulk Deploy…" icon="bulk-deploy">
      <param name="function">onActionFormDialog</param>
         <param name="itemKind">action</param>
         <param name="itemId">bulk-deploy</param>
      <param name="mode">create</param>
      <param name="destination">{node.nodeRef}</param>
         <param name="successMessage">message.bulk-deploy-success</param>
         <param name="failureMessage">message.bulk-deploy-failure</param>


   <bean id="bulk-deploy" class=""
      <property name="publicAction">

I would appreciate any suggestions.