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Choice between Sites/testSite/folder or Sites/testSite/documentLibrary/testFolder?

Question asked by sepgs2004 on Feb 26, 2016
I am new to Alfresco. Using version 5.0.d.
I am developing CMIS based application code to index and access documents into Alfresco repository.

All these documents that our application would be storing is mainly by/for our application.
So probably a limited set of users of our clients might want to manage them through Share UI.

When I go into Alfresco Share interface, I see the concept of sites.
I decided to create a site for our application.
Then inside the site, I am able to create folders
Underneath the site, I also see a document library location, inside which as well I can create folders

I am having a hard time choosing or deciding on an approach.

In order to access the 'Sample' folder that is created directly under the 'testSite' site, CMIS (Java) code looks like this:
Folder folder = (Folder) cmisSession.getObjectByPath("/Sites/testSite/Sample");

In order to access the 'TestFolder' folder that is created under the document library of the site:'testSite', CMIS (Java) code looks like this:
Folder folder = (Folder) cmisSession.getObjectByPath("/Sites/testSite/documentLibrary/TestFolder");

Code does not look any different other than the path…

Can you tell me, why would anyone would prefer to organize their folders, one way or the other?

I also do not know if this is the best way, or if there is any other way, in CMIS API to access the folders underneath a site…