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CIFS issues with folder

Question asked by coyoteugly on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by coyoteugly
Hi to all. Using Alfresco 4.2.c installed on an Ubuntu 12.04 server I configured the CIFS protocol using the following settings on the /alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/ file:

### CIFS ###

So I set the corrects IPTABLES rules, and due to I use the AD authentication using passtrhu I change the authentication protocol from NTMLv2 to NTMLv1 on my Windows client.
So, now I'm able to access and use CIFS. Anyway there are some issues using the folders:
*Is not possible to rename the folders: If I try to do this, windows return me an error similar to: "The directory \\MYSERVER\Alfresco\…\MYPATH does non exist. Is possible that the file has been moved or deleted." . It looks like if the network units is not connected, but the network units is correctly connected and I can use this for all other operations! If I create a new folder I cant't assing a custom name to this, I can only use the windows standard name "New folder".
*I' can't move files into other directorys. If I try to move a file for example using drag and drop, I see the classic window "Moving 1 item (TOT KB) from \path1 tp \path2", but even for a really small file, this window never expires and the file is never moved.

There are some probles on my CIFS configurations? I forgot something? There are some problem on File System? Is this a common issue?

Thanks, regards.