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Adding custom metadata

Question asked by sdatla on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by sdatla

I am a newbie to Alfresco. I've to add the custom metadata to the file in Alfresco.
I imported the file along with the file.
The name of the file is "9781285095004_cover_p01.sitx" and the metadata properties file "" are also the same.
But when I click on edit properties for the file in Alfresco I am seeing the default properties but not the custom metadata in the xml.
Are there any settings I should set in order to read the properties from the metadata xml file?
My metadata properties file is as shown below.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
<properties> <entry key="type">cm:content</entry> <entry key="aspects">cm:versionable,cm:dublincore</entry> <entry key="cm:RECORD_ID">2264720</entry> <entry key="cm:MEMBER_YN"/> <entry key="cm:GROUP_YN"/> <entry key="cm:STATUS"/> <entry key="cm:VCVERSION"/> <entry key="cm:CHKINDATE"/> <entry key="cm:VCPARENT"/> <entry key="cm:VERSIONED"/> <entry key="cm:APPROVPEND"/> <entry key="cm:OBJ_TYPE">Item</entry> <entry key="cm:ITEM_TYPE">Archived Composite</entry> <entry key="cm:ITEM_DESC"/> <entry key="cm:FR_MAT_TYPE"/> <entry key="cm:APP_F_DET"/> <entry key="cm:ISBN">1285095006</entry> <entry key="cm:TL_BUSINESS">Brooks_Cole</entry> <entry key="cm:PROD_TYPE"/> <entry key="cm:REL_ISBN"/> <entry key="cm:PLAC_IMAG"/> <entry key="cm:REL_DOCU"/> <entry key="cm:PROJECT_DOCS"/> <entry key="cm:PARENT_CONT"/> <entry key="cm:CHILD_CONT"/> <entry key="cm:AS_STATUS">Archived</entry> <entry key="cm:WORK_STAT"/> <entry key="cm:ITERATION_VER"/> <entry key="cm:AS_DISTR">|All|</entry> <entry key="cm:ITERATION"/> <entry key="cm:VOLUME_ID"/> <entry key="cm:STOCK_ID"/> <entry key="cm:AMS_ID"/> <entry key="cm:DURATION"/> <entry key="cm:AMS_CAPTION"/> <entry key="cm:VAL_SUBJECT_MAJOR_DESCRIPTION">Math</entry></properties>