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Edit Online - Windows 8, Office 2013

Question asked by rcoyle23 on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by rcoyle23
Good afternoon folks,

I have a Alfresco 4.2d installation that I've been having an issue trying to get resolved involving rejected authentication when trying to use the Edit Online button for Office files.
Behavior is:

On the document page, hit Edit Online.
Office application opens up (Word,Excel,Powerpoint)
Get prompted to authenticate, it pops up the authentication window 3 times then errors out with:
"Sorry, we couldn't open 'http://Alfresco:7070/alfresco/<site>/documentLibrary/<document>'"

This is using Windows 8 Enterprise, Office 2013 Pro Plus with all the Sharepoint modules installed.  Behavior is the same using Chrome 28 and IE 10.

Items tried so far:
Adding site to Trusted Sites
Adding site to Intranet Sites
Modifying the registry with the following keys:
Installed the Microsoft patch for the Web Folders component (KB907306)