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deleting users not synced

Question asked by jgionet76 on Feb 13, 2013
Hi, when I first configured using passthru and ldap-ad(sync only) authentication I guess every single group/user on my domain controller was imported to my Alfresco install. (over 35k users!)

Anyways, I've since tweaked my config to only query/allow users of a particular group to have access to login.

My problem is now I have all these other accounts which I don't need on my Alfresco site.
How can I delete them all? I only want to accounts found within my search parameters to have accounts.


# The query to select objects that represent the users to import that have changed since a certain time.

# The group search base restricts the LDAP group query to a sub section of tree on the LDAP server.

# The user search base restricts the LDAP user query to a sub section of tree on the LDAP server.