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4.32.c Win x64 Installation failure; but x32 succeeds

Question asked by rneuschul on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by rneuschul
Any default or custom attempt to install the x64 version of 4.2.c to a brand new clean [but fully patched] Windows 2008 R2 server fails to complete, with a Postgres error approximately 30% of the way into the install routine:

"Error running initdb.exe -U SYSTEM -E UTF8 -D C:/Alfresco/alf_data/POSTGRE~1"

There are no meaningful entries in the system Event logs relating to this issue.

Exiting the installer at that point by pressing OK to accept the error message causes the installer to roll back and clean up the target alfresco directory leaving only the licensing information - so no tomcat or postgres or other logs.

The OS is NOT running .NET 4.n or later: the only non-default item installed on the OS is Firefox as a non-default browser.

After a cleanup of the OS and the disk system, the x32 install of 4.2.c runs perfectly in either default install mode or custom install mode.

Searches of the Postgres community have not been helpful and I can find nothing relating to this issue in the Alfresco documents.

Whilst we could continue to use the x32 install we would prefer to be running x64 code on this OS platform.

Can anyone suggest either the causes of this problem with the x64 installer, or a workaround


R Neuschul