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Can't perform actions on records

Question asked by zmsil on Feb 15, 2013
Hi guys

I recently integrated my alfresco 3.4.d with Ephesoft. When the scanned images from Ephesoft are exported into Alfresco, they all land in a  space that has rules set up in it to move the documents to different parts of the RM site based on certain metadata values via a script. Now  when I go to the RM site, I can see the documents that would have been moved by my script. The problem is, i cannot perform actions on those documents. There are no options like Download, view in browser, edit metadata, copy, cut etc.  it's just blank. and under the selected items dropdown, the only options there are delete and deselect.

In my script, when i move the document into the record folders i only add the records aspect using document.addAspect("rma:record". Is there  anything else i am missing to add to it that would allow me to run actions on it.