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max # of entries in treeview

Question asked by hello_wrold on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by hello_wrold
So our users got their brand new Alfresco 5.0d and enthusiastically as they were created folders to no end and now I got a problem on my desk.

The site they are using has >1000 folders and the treeview (it is called treeview, is it?) on the doclib's left site and the file/folder-selectbox for moving files refuses to display more than 1000 entries ("List has been limited to 1000 entries").

I know that it's a bad idea to have such a broad folder hierarchy but getting rid of it again while take a while and I need a short-term solution to cope with it, i.e. how can I increase the maximum number of entries for the treeview in share?

I already raised <maximum-folder-count> in share-config-custom but to no avail. What option is there to increase max #entries before I talk my users into rethinking their folder structure?