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Display selectable list of files

Question asked by art99trash on Mar 2, 2016
I am attempting to create a custom folder action that, when selected, will display
a selectable list of files (from within the actioned on folder) to the user.
The user could then select one or more files and run a file action on those.

I have defined a custom action that displays the unpopulated selectable list.

name : "alfresco/lists/AlfList",
config : {
   loadDataPublishTopic : "RETRIEVE_FILES_LIST",   
   itemsProperty : "filesInfoList",
   widgets : [
      filesListView          // a custom AlfListView

I have also created another, very similar action that uses this same type of list. In that
action, the user selects a folder from a list and submits it. This submission triggers the
query that publishes the data.
I have not been able to figure out how to trigger the query when the user selects this new action
on a folder.

I would appreciate any suggestions.