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Differences : Workdesk Community / Enterprise

Question asked by deas0815 on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by rapa
Hallo everybody,

I have been attending the recent
<a href="">Workdesk Webinar</a>. The product looked pretty nice so I tried to get hands on, downloaded an installed the Community Edition and imported the HR sample application. I would say it works as expected at this point.

As pointed out at , there are differences between the Enterprise and the Community Edition. Some of them are obvious, others not.

The ones that are not really clear to me are:

<li>Business Integration</li>
<li>Productivity Enhancements</li>
<li>Database Role Manager</li>
<li>Database History Manager</li>

The ones I am most unclear about are Business Integration and Database Role Manager.

Is it correct, that the Community Edition does not allow one to introduce and honor Business Roles (e.g. Finance, HR, Marketing, IT etc.) at all ?

Can somebody please clarify and give some more details on these differences ?