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How to synchornize a site between Alfresco Cloud and Community?

Question asked by theeye on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by theeye
Hello Forum!

Is it possible to synch a site between Alfresco Community and an Alfresco Cloud Account?

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edit: I found these information in the Alfresco Wiki
Cloud Sync

Push and automatically synchronize content between on-premise Alfresco repositories and Alfresco in the Cloud. Engage and collaborate on content with 3rd parties using Alfresco in the Cloud and automatically keep the Private Enterprise in sync with any changes.  Capabilities include:

    Individual and multiple files, folders, and folder hierarchies can be synchronized between on-premise and cloud Alfresco servers as well as on-premise to on-premise servers
    Synchronized payload includes content and common metadata
    All changes pushed and pulled automaticially; no need for you to manually initiate synchronization
    All information is exchanged over a secure HTTPS connection
    Firewall-friendly - no requirement to open on-premise firewall; all actions are initated by the on-premise system
    Controls over what can be synchronized to ensure sensitive content remains on-premise
    Potential conflicts due to simultaneous edits are detected and clearly marked so you can take the appropriate corrective action

Does that mean, that it would work with the Alfresco Enterprise and the Alfresco Cloud version?