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Alfresco and Java enthusiasts wanted

Question asked by rroic on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by dsr_471
Hi girls and guys.

We are a strong Alfresco and Java team in a developer-oriented company of 150 guys and girls. We are trying to strengthen our team and we are looking for You!

This is what we expect from you:
•   You should know how to use and develop around Alfresco
•   You should feel reasonably at home in the Java ecosystem
•   You may want to impress us with your extra skills in BPM, ESB, ExtJs, Spring, JPA
•   Show us your love for creating software

Don’t worry if your skills are not super elite in all of these areas. Give us something to work with – at least reasonable experience with Alfresco and Java - and we will help you on your way with mentoring.

What can you expect from us:
•   A big and strong team in which you can always learn something new from your peers
•   Frequent Alfresco projects in an enterprise environment
•   A competitive working environment
•   An established mentoring process
•   Different employment models are negotiable

We have teams in Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Send us your applications to <a href=""></a> and let us know where you would like to work.