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Patch / Update Alfresco Community

Question asked by darkblack on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by abarisone
We identified an issue in Alfresco while setting it up for our internal use and we realized that the issue has already been reported and fixed

When I dug deeper, I realized this fix was actually for the enterprise version (hot fix/patch). I was confident, that however, this fix would have tricked down to the latest version of the community edition. But unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

The same bug remains in the latest version of the community version as well (4.2c).

This being the case, is there any way , I can manually patch up the install I have here?

The bug page links to a build code repository which does not work (dead link) . So I don't even know how to get the patched files/code

Any help with getting this bug fixed will be of great great help. Thanks!