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POST send and receive json

Question asked by artonix14 on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by dhaval.patel_10
Hello guys i'm trying to send json on klient side and receive json on server side. Only things what im getting is null or undefined, i tried many ways here is the last and most promisng but still not functional. Here is the request from client side:

                    url: Alfresco.constants.PROXY_URI + "s/saveForm",
                    method: Alfresco.util.Ajax.POST,
                    requestContentType: "json",
                            site: Alfresco.constants.SITE,                             
                            dataValues: JSON.stringify(formDataArray),
                            submitType: "json"


                            scope: this

                            scope: this
                    execScripts: true

Here is how should i receive json:
          var jsonData = json.get("dataValues");

Im getting error that json is undefined but it should be defined. Anybody please tell me what im doing wrong ?