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Customize presets.xml - Alfresco 4.1.1

Question asked by dmralfing on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by dmralfing
I´m trying to extend the presets.xml creating a file "presets.xml" in the path TOMCAT\shared\classes\alfresco\web-extension\site-data\presets.
This is the code it contains:

  <preset id="user-dashboard">
         <page id="user/${userid}/dashboard">
            <title>User Dashboard</title>
            <description>Users dashboard page</description>

it doesn´t recognize my file. Also, I have read in a forum that you have to configurate some beans in the custom-slingshot-application-context.xml file, but it doesn´t work anyway.
Somebody know how to customize the presets.xml in alfresco 4.1.1?. I don´t see it in the Wiki for this version, it should be easier!