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Retrieves tags in CMIS query

Question asked by drahas on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by drahas

I'm using DotCMIS to access Alfresco documents and I want to retrieve documents and theirs tags in a query.
I have already done a simple query to retrieve my documents (SELECT d.* FROM cmis:document d WHERE IN_FOLDER('@folderID')) and it's working and after I call rest api to retrieve tags for each documents.
But I have some horrible performances for few documents, that is not possible …

Now I looking for a way to do it faster :)
I have found this query : select d.*, o.* from cmis:document as d join cm:taggable as o on d.cmis:objectid = o.cmis:objectid
But it doesn't work in my case, CMIS error.

Somebody have an idea how to do it ?