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Libreoffice type detection failed

Question asked by marcio on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by koichinakata

I have an issue with some documents. I have the version CE 5.0.c in production and I can see the documents correctly.  If I upload the same document into CE 5.1, I cant see the preview.  In catalina.out output:

Caused by: net.sf.jooreports.openoffice.connection.OpenOfficeException: conversion failed; Unsupported URL <file:///opt/alfresco-community/tomcat/temp/Alfresco/INFORMAÇÃO.docx-OpenOfficeContentTransformer-OpenOfficeContentTransformer-1457457686397/INFORMAÇÃO.docx>: "type detection failed". 

For tests, my enviroment have the LO 4.3 and the LO 5.1, both with the same issue.

After some tasks, I renamed the file from "INFORMAÇÃO" to "INFORMACAO" (brazilian portuguese), without the chars "Ç" and "Ã"; then the preview worked.

Do I can believe I have some wrong charset config in any config file or in the server ?
Do I need  change the charset in some place to avoid the error ? 

Some idea about it ?

Thank you.