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CMIS Queries on Nodes Outside of Company Home?

Question asked by vamirr on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by jpotts
I'm trying to do some CMIS queries on repository nodes that exist outside of Company Home.

My use case is this: I'd like to calculate some metrics on my users and when their accounts where created.   Each user has a node under the System > People.   These nodes have a child node named 'configurations' that provide a date created. 

I'm using the CMIS search because it allows me provide a date range.   What I'd like is to query the names and count of users created by month for the last three years.

Something similar to:

SELECT * FROM cmis:folder WHERE cmis:name = 'configurations' AND cmis:creationDate > TIMESTAMP '2013-01-01T14:20:00.000-00:00' AND cmis:creationDate < TIMESTAMP '2013-02-01T14:20:00.000-00:00'

My issue is that the javascript search APIs don't seem to accommodate searches outside of company home.  That said, how can I perform similar queries in javascript?