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Department Configuration

Question asked by tzadmin on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by tzadmin

I'm new to Alfreso and I have installed Alfresco Community v4.2.0 (4576) schema 6022.  Currently the system in in test environment and I ran into a setup scenario that i can not figure out how to resolve.

My company has different departments: HT, IT, Finance, Marketing and each department has number of employees.  When I upload documents Alfresco displays who uploaded the document under each document and recent activity email that goes out.

I do not want Alfreso to show the user, I would like Alfresco to Show Department Name.  So if I belong to HR Department and my username is user1, when I upload document I would like to show that HR Department has uploaded new document under each document properly and under recent changes email.

I hope I was clear in my description.