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4.2.d nightly build - tomcat stops randomly

Question asked by cyberjus on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by digcat
I had 4.2.c was running fine. Clean upgrade on the same server to 4.2.d nightly (parallel directory) runs for about 6 hours and then tomcat stops randomly. I checked the processes and it is not there, running the stop alfresco script confirms that it is not running. No message in the tomcat (catalina.out) or alfresco logs, which seems strange. I am using Mod_JK so the apache logs do say something, but only that it failed to open the socket. Which would make sense considering Tomcat is no longer running.

I tweaked the JAVA_OPTS to -Xss1024K -Xms1G -Xmx2G -XX:MaxPermSize=512M because I thought it might be a memory problem, but it is still stopping after awhile.

Any idea what I could try next or other places to look to figure out what is going on? I am not sure what other logs I could look at.