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CIFS works but SMB/DNS got lost?

Question asked by onkyo on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by bisana

after setting up an Alfresco CE on an Windows 2008R2(DC,DNS,WINS,DHCP,File-SRV) i do have the following problem.

One Windows 7 64 Client is having a DNS Problem. In the network there are now shown two servers "server" and "server"a. I was able to mount the alfresco CIFS Share on the "server"a but somehow the smb connectivity to "server" got lost.
I can ping the "server", DNS on the server looks good, but i can't access it over the DNS Name to have access to the normal SMB shares.
Somehow i got it working using different AD credentials and using the IP of the server, so that the user can temporarily access the shares. After the next reboot that wioll be gone, because the mapping is managed within the group policy of the server.

Does anyopne have had the same problem? Any brilliant ideas?
Thanks in Advance,