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Overriding container.jsp

Question asked by jsignoret on Aug 7, 2013
Dear all,

I am new in developping for Alfresco. We have installed an Alfresco Community 4.0d.
I should like to override the container.jsp but only for the document details page. If I put in my web-client-config-custom.xml file :

      <dialog-container replace="true">/jsp/cea/dialog/container.jsp</dialog-container>

my private container is used for every view.
I think I have to override the navigation rules using something like :

   <config evaluator="xx" condition="yy" replace="true">
         <override from-view-id="xxxx" to-view-id="yyyy" />
         <override from-outcome="…." to-view-id="…." />

but I do not know what to use as evaluator, condition attributes and override tag to say "only for the document details page".

Is it possible to find a solution?
Many thanks for any help.