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Other users cannot Upload New Version of a document?

Question asked by johnsmartnh on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2013 by bisana
Hi folks - I searched the forums but could not find the following issue discussed.  Probably it's in here somewhere (sorry, newbie) but I can't locate it.  This has to be a common use case.

All I want to do is allow my coworkers to participate in cumulative reviews of a draft document with "Upload New Versions". Let's say I call it:

installing_xyz.docx and I have it in the 'Documents/draft-reviews' subdir.

I want any of my 12 coworkers to edit installing_xyz.docx, and then use the same filename when they "Upload New Version" (overwrite). For overlapping sessions, I would then use Alfresco's "Version History" to get the files and separately collate/merge the review comments. 

As the file owner, I can do Upload New Version, no prob; but here's the issue: **none of my coworkers can**.  Bummer.  Can I set a permission somewhere enabling the latter? 

Right now my coworkers have to create separate files and check those into the draft-reviews folder - that's pretty lame. 

Thanks in advance for your advice.