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Unable to login after IP-Change

Question asked by schnumsel on Mar 15, 2016
Hi there,

we inherited an Alfresco server (4.2) running on Ubuntu 10.04. Our Provider moved the server so it had to get a new ip.
I changed this everywhere including

and the dns records.

I looked up /var/lib/tomcat6/shared/classes/, I only can find the hosts name there which resolves correctly to the new IP (in the world and on the machine itself)

When i try to login to the Alfresco server I can see the login screen, but when I try to login using my credentials I get a message telling me that the remote server can not be reached or that my credentials could not be recognized ("Der Remote Server ist eventuell nicht erreichbar oder Ihre Anmeldedaten wurden nicht erkannt.")

I had a look on catalina.out and share.log where I could not find anything which struck my eys and there was nothing (new) in alfresco.log

Could you please help me? Where could I look? How to go ahead?
I never dealt with alfresco before and have only little experience with tomcat.

Best regards and thanks in advance,