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Move SOLR logs

Question asked by bcsx on Aug 8, 2013

I'm using Alfresco 4.2.d and i need to move SOLR logs. I want to add this to the SOLR file:

But if I edit the following file, at the startup the changes are deleted:

I read this from the Alfresco DOCS:
Setting Solr log4j values
This topic describes the method of setting the Solr log4j values.

To set debug logging levels for Alfresco-Solr components, follow the steps below:

    Copy tomcat/webapps/solr/WEB-INF/classes/ to solrRootDir/
    Edit it to add your required logging setting. For example:

    Changes to the file will be re-read by Solr when it starts up. If you need to make changes to the logging level while the system is running, going to the following URL (either in a browser or for example, using curl) will cause Solr to re-load the properties file.

But I don't have this folder:

And what is the solrRootDir? Where can I put my custom file for SOLR? Or how can I move these logs?