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searching by aspects doesn't work in share

Question asked by gelek on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by jpotts

1. I installed Alfresco Share - Community 5.1.0 (r122274-b3)

2. In admin tool <strong> Model manager </strong>  created one <strong> new model "MODEL" </strong>, then one <strong> new aspect "FILE"</strong> and one <strong> new property  "NUMBER"</strong>.
The new property have data type: <strong> d:int</strong>.
I used Layout designer.


3. I actived <strong> new model "MODEL" </strong>.

4. I uploaded a new file to repository

5. In tool <strong> Manage Aspects </strong> added aspect <strong>"FILE"</strong> to uploaded file.

6. I edited properties of ulpoaded files and entered value "500" in the property <strong> "NUMBER"</strong>.
I saved properties this file.

7.  In admin tool <strong> Search Manager </strong> created one <strong> new filter "FILTER NUMBER" </strong>.
In <strong>Filter Property</strong> used my property <strong> "NUMBER"</strong> and checked <strong> Show with Search </strong>.
I saved this filter.

8. I tried search in repository files by my property <strong> "NUMBER"</strong>, entered value "500".
I can't find my files with property "NUMBER".

Please help me.