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Alfresco IOS sdk task retrival

Question asked by saurabhp on Mar 16, 2016
i tried to create session for alfresco using repository session after create alfresco seesion ( Repository version: 5.0.0 (d r99759-b2)
now i m trying to retrive tasks using  retrieveTasksWithListingContext  but i m not getting  data  and also array count zero
code as below mentioned

  AlfrescoWorkflowService * workflowService = [[AlfrescoWorkflowService alloc] initWithSession:self.session];
    lf = [[AlfrescoListingFilter alloc]initWithFilter:kAlfrescoFilterByWorkflowStatus value:kAlfrescoFilterValueWorkflowStatusCompleted];
    lc = [[AlfrescoListingContext alloc]initWithListingFilter:lf];

   [ workflowService retrieveTasksWithListingContext:lc completionBlock: ^(AlfrescoPagingResult * pagingResult ,NSError * creationError)
        NSLog(@"paging result high priority —%@",pagingResult);
        for (AlfrescoWorkflowTask * apr in pagingResult.objects)
             NSLog(@"paging result completed—%@",apr.completed);
             NSLog(@"paging result completed name—%@",;

thanks in advance