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Lucence Search - can't find folder with aspect and values

Question asked by arnieaustin2 on Feb 23, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2013 by arnieaustin2
I have created matching folder hierarchies under /company_home/user_homes and /company_home/sites where:


I have also have a custom aspect which adds a multivalued string field to the folder object so I can find the relevant folder for a given department. Like so:

/company_home/user_homes/TAGAL/ITS/ACM3 - ITS folder has 752,753,935 as values

/company_home/sites/TAGAL/ITS - folder has same aspect and values

Staring under user_homes or sites, I need to find the folder for department 752. My Lucene query is:

PATH:"/app:company_home/app:user_homes/*"  AND ASPECT:"agy:employeePlacementValue"  AND @agy\:placementValues\:"752" - per the examples.

But it finds nothing. No errors, just nothing. Earlier, I had 'AND TYPE:"cm:folder"' but was afraid it wasn't finding anything because the target wasn't of that type so I removed it.

I did notice though that the user's home folder is showing up in the sys model. Is that normal?

What's wrong with the query?