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Lucene FULL reindex infinite loop

Question asked by andrepra on Mar 16, 2016

after an update from 3.4c to 4.2f CE I decided to perform a full reindex. The upgrade process was completed without errors and Alfresco started without problems.
Alfresco is configured to use Lucene as search engine and is installed on a windows machine.
Starting Alfresco with FULL reindex options the log shown the state of the reindexing but once reached the 100% it starts again, and these happens continiusly. Every time the process deletes the index and restarts   
I decided to stop the Alfresco process after I see the log of the end and the lucene-index directory is about 2,4 GB.
I tried to start Alfresco changing the index.recovery.mode but I get this error
CONTENT INTEGRITY ERROR: Indexes not found for 6 stores. 
with all the optons: NONE, VALIDATE, AUTO
When Alfresco starts with these options cleans the lucene-index directory creating a problem in the integrity check.

It's the first time I get this kind of problem. Can someone help me. Thanks