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Question asked by loftux Moderator on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by loftux
I just wanted to post this feedback from a client of mine, using Sync version, Alfresco 4.2.c.
Notice that the initial feedback is positive, but read the last part.
Note that they are primarily Mac users.

As we have already discussed, the team have been using the Alfresco Sync tool for a few weeks now, and on the whole we feel it is a real benefit.  We have noticed a small number of issues as follows:

-Sometimes the Alfresco Sync icon (top of screen) disappears, and you have to open the tool from Applications to re-start it.
-The function 'Sync Now' does not always work.  You have to go to preferences, and start the sync from there.
-When syncing, it does not make clear if we are syncing our local folders to Alfresco or vice versa.
-If you remove a Site from your Favorite, and then refresh the sync tool, the Site is removed from this level, but still appears on your local drive.
-If you have deleted/updated documents either in Alfresco or locally, during a sync you get a message asking if you want to keep data on server or delete.  It does not reference to which folder/document this refers to.
-Sometimes you have to sync 3 or 4 times to actually complete the sync, even though the tool icon says 'all files are up to date'.

I then talk to my client over phone. It turns out that once they let more than a few users (do not have exact number), it all wen crazy.
Sync somehow ended up in an endless loop, an updated triggered by client 1, synced by client 2,3 and so on. But eventually client 1 thought it was changed and downloaded new version, then uploaded and triggered next sync and it all started over again. A delete even more crazy, document could appear and disappear several times..

<strong>My conclusions</strong>
Although I cannot give an exact way to reproduce the error, I think it is important that the sync tool be tested with more than 5 clients syncing simultaneously to make sure it does not go haywire.
I also know that many potential Alfresco customers a working desktop sync is essential. Their end users has already been "Dropboxed", they will not accept a change to web client upload/download for collaboration, even if we as document management professionals argue about all the benefits like custom metadata, workflows and tracking.