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Adding custom js to model created through Model Manager

Question asked by jakeer on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by jpotts
I have created a model using Model Manager. In the model I have created one Aspects with custom fields. I added this Aspect to a file through "manage Aspect" option. There is 5 drop downs in the Aspect's form like domain, php, java, oracle and dot net. If user select a value in domain drop down, based on the value selected that respective drop down will display and others will be hidden.

Eg: If I have 3 drop downs like domain, php, java

Initially php and java drop downs will be hidden. Under domain we have below values


if user selects php, then php dropdown will display and other will hidden
if user selects java, then java dropdown will display and other will hidden

I am looking for this kind of functionality. If any one knows, please guide me how to achieve this

I am using Alfresco Community - 5.1.0 (r122274-b3) version and ubuntu operating system

Thanks in Advance