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Performance fluctuation

Question asked by ustraub on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by iblanco

we are using Alfresco community edition 4.0.e on Linux (RedHat). Alfresco, Tomcat and postgresql were freshly installed from the Alfresco community edition 4.0.e.

We want to migrate several million files (file size 1 KB to 1 MB or so) from another DMS system to this NEW alfresco installation. We are using CMIS for accessing alfresco (Apache OpenCMIS 0.7).

When archiving I see extreme performance variations. In two thirds of the uploads the time to create a CMIS object is of the order of 0,4 sec, in one third of the cases it is 3 to 6 sec.
More precisely: the two CMIS functions session.getObjectFactory().createContentStream() or parent.createDocument() take 3 to 6 sec in about one third of all calls.

When retrieving I see similar variations. Usually it takes 0,1 sec to retrieve the file, but regularly about every 4 sec it takes about 3 sec to access the corresponding CMIS object.
More precisely: the two CMIS functions session.getObjectByPath() or doc.getContentStreamOfDocument() take 3 sec sometimes.

What is the reason of these fluctuations?
How can they be avoided?
Is concurrent archiving into the same folder possible, or does one archive operation block the other concurrent archive operation for the same folder.